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1.9 Beta 6 
1.9 RC 1 
0003783: Problmes with platforms in reports after removing a platform
When removing platforms, after created a test plan based on an older, the removed platform still is present in the reports. Messing up the statistics.
This is how we managed to repeat this:

- Create a testplan including several platforms (e.g 4)
- Create a new testplan based on the prior one.
- Edit the newly created testplan by removing one platform (so now is 3 left)
- Assign and execute all test cases
- Enter the report section (e.g. "General Test Plan Metrics"
- A blank row is showed with not executed test cases under "Reports by Platform"

These test cases messes up the statistics for the test plan, The "blank" platform and its test cases are not to be found in the assign and execution phase.
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resolved added control to do not allow remove platforms that has test case linked on test plan
2010-10-09 08:01   
Release 1.9 RC1