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1.9 Beta 3 
1.9 Beta 5 
0003471: calls fail when name contains spaces
The javascript function takes three parameters: URL, name and features. By the DOM definition the name parameter must only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores. However in testlink often names that contain spaces are used.
All these spaces in the name parameters must be removed. If variables are used to fill in the name, care must be taken that the value of these variables must not contain spaces either.
Example: Try to open the window to import test results via XML files in IE7 or IE8. You cannot open the window because the name parameter contains spaces.
In the example given above, the javascript function openImportResult in gui/javascript/test_automation.js is called, which in turn calls and passes the value of $labels.import_xml_results as the name parameter. However this string contains spaces and therefore the call fails.

openLinkedReqSpecWindow in gui/javascript/testlink_library.js does the same and doesn't work either.
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know issue, please update to 1.9 beta 4 and retest
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