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0002578TestLinkReportspublic2009-06-05 21:102010-05-01 20:35
1.9 Beta 2 
IE 6.0
0002578: Insert blank space between test cases in HTML Test Specification Document
The HTML code that is generated for a Test Specification document (by does not separate test cases. Each test case is rendered as a table.

The lack of blank space between each test case makes it difficult to read the document
In my own environment, have added 3
codes at the following place in

Before :
$code .= 'div><table class="tc" width="90%">';

After :
$code .= '

<div><table class="tc" width="90%">';

I am not a css expert. Maybe this could be easier achieved by modifying the tl_documents.css and using a customized theme (which I already do)

Anyway, this issue is not a big deal, more like a cosmetic thing
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2009-06-05 21:13   
I notice that Mantis has eaten up the html codes I put in the Additional Information section.Here is another try

$code .= '<_br_> <_br_ > <_br_> <_div_> < table class="tc" width="90%">';
2009-06-05 22:24   
Fixed. It look that browser interpret CSS wrong way in the case.