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0002542TestLinkTest Executepublic2009-05-27 20:272015-05-03 08:52
1.9.13 (2015 #1) 
0002542: Selecting 'tests assigned to me' should show the test cases in execute mode
Since this link is in the test execution panel i was expecting to see the test cases assigned to me in a executable mode so that I can easily execute only the tests assigned to me.
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2009-05-28 17:56   
Please give more details, i do not fully understand your request.
If you can provide a use case can be very useful
2009-06-02 16:13   
Sorry for not responding earlier, here are the details (this is in TL 1.8.2).

1. Create a test project and add some test suites, test cases
2. create a test plan and add test cases to it
3. create a new build
4. Assign test cases a any user - in this case I assigned test cases to admin
5. Now in the home page, right panel 'test execution' section click on the 'test cases assigned to me' link

After this step I was expecting all test cases assigned to me to be shown along with radio button to mark the test result. But it displays the test cases and on clicking the description it will open the test cases in edit mode.

Since this feature is related to test case execution, when i click on the the link that says 'test cases assigned to me' I feel it should display all the test cases assigned to me along with radio buttons to update the result.

Also on clicking an individual test case title, it should open that test case in a new window, along with radio buttons to mar the test case result.