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0002524TestLinkUsers and Rightspublic2009-05-21 03:522015-06-24 09:19
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1.9.7 (2013 Q2 - bug fixing) 
firefox 3.0.10
0002524: Guests have rights to assign user roles even with rights disabled
I created a guest account and logged in with their credential to check the test projects they could access. I noticed that the "Assign user roles" link was available to the guest user. I then check the user roles for a guest, "Test Assignment was not checked. See attached screen shots.
I noticed this in 1.8.0 and upgraded to 1.8.2 in case there was a fix. I noticed the same behavior.
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Hm, i could not reproduce this in 1.8.3 (CVS):
Can you provide a screenshot of the testplan roles?
Do you have multiple login within the same browser?
Can you provide me the minimum steps to reproduce after a fresh installation?
2009-05-23 01:14   
Hello. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I was using the same browser session, but not multiple log ins. In other words, I logged in as administrator and created the new user (cwb1). I then checked their access to different projects via the "Assign Test Project roles" function. It seemed to me that they we the same as in the test plan roles, because I happened to do a quick comparison. I then signed out (didn't clear cookies, browser cache, etc.) and signed in as the new user with a guest role. That is when I noticed the "Assign user roles" rights.

Please let me know if you need additional information, or other screen shots. Also, this is in 1.8.2 so I dunno maybe it's fixed in 1.8.3.