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0002132TestLinkReportspublic2009-02-20 07:072014-07-28 20:33
1.8 RC 4 
1.9.11 (2014 Q2 - bug fixing) 
0002132: testreport does not scale when high number of builds
We are planning for multiple builds per day with an automated process saving the test execution results per build ( via the xmlrpc interface).

The testreport does not scale in this scenario. Each new build is added to the left. Looks fine with a small set of builds however not so for a large number.

See attached screen shot

A solution is to request which set of builds to report on ( like the query report)
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2009-02-20 07:22   
ok, I can't tell my left from my right.

the description should say "Each new build is added to the right."
2009-02-20 17:30   
Please detail better your request (more detail, may be a mock up screen shoot)
2009-02-21 02:30   
I've attached a mock-up.

With the form, you would select which set of builds you have to report on.

To review the problem, the current testreport adds a column for every build. As the number of builds exceeds the screen size, the browser is forced to generate a sliding bar on the bottom so the user can slide the window to view the new column.
This situation will become unusable when the number of columns(builds) exceed a small set.

In our environment, there will be over 300 builds for a release which means this behaviour is unacceptable.