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1.8 RC 3 
1.9.14 (2015 Q3) 
0002097: automate report
I searched the forum and mantis, but I might have missed it. If there is similiar question, please direct me to it.

I'm using TestLink 1.8 R3. On the "Report and Metrics", manually I query by select the "General Test Plan Metrics" with "Report Format"='MS Excel' and "Test Plan"=SomethingXXX. Then I got the Excel file which is very nicely format. However we have many TestPlans (each modules has its own test plan), is it possible to query from the top tree (see below Figure 1) so that there will be one big report or can be multiple reports specific to each test plan?

I can see that the function/script "resultsGeneral.php" is called with the format and test plan id as noted above.

Is it possible for me to run this "resultsGeneral.php" on the shell or is it possible for me to call this file from a shell/unix scripts?

If yes/no, at latest release 1.8 R4 and/or APIs, is there way for me to run this report and how?

thanks much,

Figure 1

Product ABC
|--------Module CCC (Test Plan CCC)
|--------Module AAAA (test Plan AAAA)
|--------Module DDDD (test plan DDDD)

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2009-04-04 02:00   
I did something similar but with shell scripts. I created array with all test plan ids, looped through it and got results: Passed,Failed,Not Run,Blocked so append that to a file. Basically if there are 3 test plan ids in array you will have 3 lines so just use that to sum up. Not the best way but it works
2009-04-04 02:14   

I guess, I have to do the same as you did. Or learn PHP or .....

2009-04-04 12:36   
Hi sdalia,

Can you upload your shell script? This will benefit the community.