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0001927TestLinkTest Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)public2008-12-11 16:512010-05-01 20:31
1.9 Beta 3 
IE 7.0
0001927: filter on keyword - Filter tree when add/remove testcases - KO
When filter on keyword, adding/removing testcases from testplan, the tree doesnt filter. I am using TL 1.7.0, and in tis version, only suites that holds testcases that match the filter is shown. I hope the same funktionality is planned for TK 1.8.
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2008-12-11 17:11   
Which tree component are you using?
2008-12-11 17:23   
I use the default tree.

tlCfg->treemenu_type = 'EXTJS';

I have not tried the other types (yet)
2008-12-11 17:34   
I tried the JTREE component, and then it works fine :-)
2008-12-12 01:32   
My view of this problem is this:
If you want to use on demand tree loading using Ajax to have BETTER Performance (EXT-JS), you start loading only first tree level, and load other pieces only when user clicks on.
This is the way tree is builded on add/remove test cases to test plan
But if you want to set a filter that must prune a whole branch from first level, because no test case on branch meets condition you can NOT KNOW THIS while loading first level, but need to INSPECT WHOLE tree, thing that you do not want to do to have better performance.

Hope now is clear

Suggestion/solutions are welcomed.
2009-01-06 04:09   
I also have no easy and quick solution at hand, so i propose to postpone this to 1.9 where we surely revisit the tree's again
2009-01-06 21:02   
(edited on: 2009-01-06 21:04)
Is not possible to force tree to be expanded in the case that filter is used?

Maybe filtering string could be stored in session data for ajax calls ...

2009-12-08 19:48   
Reminder sent to: fman

Is it the case you asked me?