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0001915TestLinkTest Executepublic2008-12-08 19:492009-03-09 20:49
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1.8 RC 2 
0001915: Show/hide build history from users view by javascript (without reload)
Even though the actual content is loaded when page generates, it would be nice if the build history can be able to set to be hidden using javascript.

such as, [^] [^]

In case a product has a high number of builds, and build history is a wanted feature, yet having a long list of builds showing by default is un-needed,
this function could be nice to have. could even be linked to personal preferences so actual user can turn on or off as they desire.
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2008-12-09 19:03   
1. are you talking about execution page ?
2. what about the button show full execution history that today exists ?
   what is the problem with current solution ?
2008-12-09 21:41   
1. I am talking about the execution page.

2. With the current system the page itself has to be reloaded for changes to effect.
It would be user friendlier if the whole page itself did not have to reload, rather each component itself would change status on its own.