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0001863: Import test cases - option to force check for duplicate/existing Test Case Titles on different test suites
I had raised an issue (0001832) earlier but dint test it in this scenario, what problem I am facing is that we normally have distinct Test Case ID's for each test case. Reason being , may be the same test case is present in multiple test plans so it shud have the same Test Case ID ( TL ID here)for correct mapping every where rather than creating multiple copies of it in different Test Suites and then mapping them to Test Plan.

Say I have a Test Suite - TC structure as below

  --- TS2
       --- TC 1
       --- TC 2
  --- TS4
       --- TC 3

Now If I go and create a new test case under the TS4 test suite with the name similar to TC 1 or TC 2 it allows to create the same, which shudnt be the case.
The same thing happens with import also.

What I would suggest is that there should be a check box setting while importing Test Cases or a cfg setting which should not allow any redundant TC Names ( not even in different Test Suites ). The existing cfg setting works at only at same TS level.e.g. TS 2 denies same name TC both in importing as well as self creation of test case.
Hope you understand the issue.

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2008-11-12 16:25   
Please find the attached files I used for importing and the result in a snapshot.
The Import actually renames the issue with a timestamp when under the same test suite but imports it as it is in another Test Suite.

I have highlighted with Yellow and Green color in the pic.
2008-11-12 19:14   
This is not a bug, but a feature request
2010-10-09 08:01   
Release 1.9 RC1