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0001842TestLinkNew Featurepublic2008-11-06 00:572008-11-07 19:45
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DELLRedHat Enterprise Linux5
1.8 Beta 3 
0001842: CONTRIBUTION: Ability to update execution notes
Contribution of files to update execution notes.

Contributed Files:
gui/templates/show_exec_notes.tpl (modified)
gui/templates/update_exec_notes.tpl (new)
lib/execute/show_exec_notes.php (modified)
lib/execute/update_exec_notes.php (new)
lib/functions/ (modified)

When viewing test run results, you can view the execution notes. With these updated files, you are now able to modify the execution notes (in the dialog)and update the executions table with the new text. Specifically, the show_exec_notes.tpl template now includes an "Update" button and its form now has an action to execute the update_exec_notes.php script to update the executions table with the value you entered. The update_exec_notes.php script uses the update_execution_notes function (added to
1) Copy these files to their respective locations.
2) Define "notesupdating_was_ok" value in your locale's strings.txt file.
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2008-11-06 02:08   
I will check but think this feature is already available on 1.8
2008-11-06 16:29   
in 1.8
// 1 -> user can edit execution notes, on old executions (Attention: user must have test case execution right)
// DISABLED -> no edit allowed [STANDARD BEHAVIOUR]
$tlCfg->exec_cfg->edit_notes = DISABLED;