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1.8 Beta 3 
1.8 RC 1 
0001756: Execute forum filter inconsistent
From forum:
WARNING: when in execute and you select to search based on result (pass/fail/not run/blocked) this search if ONLY for the build you select in this dialog! This filter does not work across all builds. I have had a hard time making my folks understand this and it always causes confusion.
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2008-09-29 23:19   
what's wrong? if you have filtered by a build, how search can be cross build?
2008-09-30 01:28   
I'm wondering too, if i filter on a certain build, i would be very astonished if the system throws it away?
2008-09-30 04:41   
Hmmm, I probably wrong with build it should be on 1.7 I guess. Anyway, I didn't try it. (I have some problem with rights in my new Linux desktop. So I was not able to run apache - now fixed).
So I can only improve documentation. It seems insufficient and it works as expected. Thanks.
2008-10-16 19:35   
Updated help text.