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0001680TestLinkCustom fieldspublic2008-08-21 00:382008-11-07 19:45
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1.8 Beta 3 
0001680: Custom fields to be used on Test plan design (testcase assignment to testplan)
Other that:
show/enable on design
show/enable on execution

a new scope is required: testplan design.
CF will be displayed will assigning/linking test cases (really testcase versions) to testplan.
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related to 0001650closed fman Using Custom fields for TestPlan assignment for manage test automation data 
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2008-10-22 13:00   
Reminder sent to: schlundus

This is the issue for the code on gen_spec_view() to get info about customs fields on testplan design time.
this is a part of 1650, that works ok.