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0001324TestLinkTest Executepublic2008-01-23 17:192008-11-07 19:46
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1.8 Beta 1 
0001324: More statuses in status list
Would be good to have more statuses for execution of test case. Because in real life here we have lot of situation when we have bug's for concrete test case (so honesty we cannot appoint test case as passed), but build is still acceptable for implementation with certain conditions.
So for my opinion here would be very necessary to have additional status conditionally acceptable or something like this.

So for my opinion status list should be - Passed, Failed, Blocked, In process (to perform more executions for one build every time adding Notes - very easy approach to realize execution of Test steps for one Test case with existing functionality), Conditionally acceptable, Not run.
really already solved from 1.7.0
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Related with 0000422 I think.
2008-01-23 18:13   
solved via configuration at execution page level.
 $g_tc_status, and other $g_tc_status*)