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0001208TestLinkNew Featurepublic2007-11-29 18:062010-09-10 19:58
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1.8.5 (bug fixing) 
0001208: Updating Testcase within a Testplan without dropping the results gained so far
When a testcases is changed/updated/corrected, i want to be able to test this newest version in the testplan without losing the results of the tests which have been run already. Currently, if i understand it right, to bring a new version of a testcase into the testplan the testcase is already linked to, it means to cancel any test execution done so far.

Testplan 1
... Testcase 1.0
... Testcase 2.0

I run the tests with Result X

Now testcase 1.0 gets updated to 1.1

Here i want to be able to - from now on - test

Testplan 1
... Testcase 1.1
... Testcase 2.0

but without dropping the executed test! I would not want to be forced to create an exact clone of a testplan only because a testcase was updated or changed... after all it is still the very same testplan i want to execute. Like it was in 1.6.2, if i am not mistaken. ;)
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2007-11-29 18:08   
Added a screenshot, where i miss the button "update in testplan". ;)
2007-11-30 01:36   
Not possible without big re-write
2007-11-30 01:38   
There is no missing update in tesplan.
TL 1.7.1 is very different to 1.6.2 in the testcase link to testplan feature.

Please never submit two issues in one.
2007-11-30 04:02   
Francisco, what you think? I know that it is difficult to implement. But it is request of logical and natural behavior.
I think that we could accept it for some later release
2009-05-12 18:15   
@fman: isnt this issue resolved with versioning of the test cases available in the current system?

2009-05-12 19:45   
this must be fixed.
Please test with user example on 1.8.2

>>> isnt this issue resolved with versioning of the test cases available in the >> current system?
please explain better
2009-05-12 21:27   
the requested feature is working in 1.8 version. I tested it (include reports).

I find out a problem that execution history shows the current version only. It could be fixed under this issue. It could be closed after it.
2009-05-12 21:57   
1. I think I've developed it
2. would you mind give detailed steps to reproduce new issue (than IMHO must be coded as a NEW one)