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TestLink - 1.8.5 (bug fixing) (Released 2009-11-10) View Issues ]
- 0001650: [New Feature] Using Custom fields for TestPlan assignment for manage test automation data (fman) - closed.
- 0001487: [Test Execute] Attached jpeg files to test execution notes cannot be view as a link after attachment. (fman) - closed.
- 0002991: [User Interface General] Test Cases Tree View Disappear (fman) - closed.
- 0002667: [Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)] Can not upgrade a testcase version for use in a further build (fman) - closed.
- 0001973: [Test Execute] It spent too much time to load the test suite which with plenty of test cases (fman) - closed.
- 0001152: [New Feature] Test Specification: Pre-conditions field in test cases (fman) - closed.
- 0002636: [Integration with Other Systems] Error message (fman) - closed.
- 0003705: [User Interface General] Swap "Test Execution" section and "Test Plan contents" section (fman) - closed.
- 0001034: [New Feature] GUI: Nice to list the requirement doc-id along with the requirement title on the testcase view screen. (fman) - closed.
- 0002534: [Test Execute] Import of xml test results not possible via GUI (fman) - closed.
- 0002134: [Keywords] For keywords if uplaod file other than CSV then server error observed (fman) - closed.
- 0001437: [Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)] Linke newest versions of test cases to a testplan from the ""Show Test Cases newest versions" page (fman) - closed.
- 0002249: [New Feature] Fails not reported (amitkhullar) - closed.
- 0002467: [New Feature] Test sheet prepared for manual testing NEEDS to be reusable for Automated Testing. (fman) - closed.
- 0001208: [New Feature] Updating Testcase within a Testplan without dropping the results gained so far (fman) - closed.
- 0000020: [New Feature] [SF 900445 ] CSV import of test cases ONLY - closed.
- 0001587: [New Feature] Need 'Search' on test case summary (fman) - closed.
- 0001814: [New Feature] The inactivated testcase was not prominent (fman) - closed.
- 0002640: [User Interface General] User must be notified if DOM library is missing on import/export error (mhavlat) - closed.
- 0003087: [New Feature] Very difficult to tell if test has every been executed (fman) - closed.
- 0001275: [Test Specification] Test Case import - possibility to create new versions while importing (fman) - closed.
- 0001904: [Requirement Management] Test Project disappeared from the dropdown box (mhavlat) - closed.
- 0001219: [Custom fields] General Test Plan Metrics/The Overall Build Status show blank page (mhavlat) - closed.
- 0002909: [Documentation (Install, User Manual, help)] existing spelled wrong as "exesting" (mhavlat) - closed.
- 0002993: [Internal issue] Error in configuration (mhavlat) - closed.
- 0002975: [Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)] Space missing for SQL concatenation (mhavlat) - closed.
- 0002927: [Third party components] Upgrade FCKEditor for supporting Safari and avoiding data loss (mhavlat) - closed.
- 0002901: [User Interface General] Saving a test case will exit editing mode with a pop up window (mhavlat) - closed.
- 0002678: [Reports] The Charts text are not displayed correctly (mhavlat) - closed.
- 0002794: [Documentation (Install, User Manual, help)] fixing 0001953 must be followed by correction of userhelp (description.php) (mhavlat) - closed.

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