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Summary 0004797: Test case step reuse
Revision 2011-11-06 14:46 by fman
Description After testing Test Collab (, choose to copy their logic to reuse test step.
Idea is similar to note (0015339), but firts implementation will be Bare Bones => user will have to know what he want to add, without fancy choices.

following string has to be written on step:

[ghost]"Step":STEPNUMBER,"TestCase":FULL EXTERNAL TEST CASE ID,"Version":Version number[/ghost]

During rendering content of this step will be replace with target step.

Test project name = 'Test Issue 555'
Test Case Prefix = 'DXI'
You create Test Case 'DXI-1' with 3 steps
Then you Create 'DXI-2' and want step 2 be same as STEP 1 of DXI-1
You create Step 2 and writte

Test Case External ID MUST BE enclosed bewteen "
Revision 2011-11-06 14:46 by fman
Description I've been using Testlink for a few months and love the new feature of individual test steps. (now using 1.9.2, previous version 1.8.4)

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